Wish to understand hotel guests' quickly and easily?

We can help you:

Increase Revenues

Know your guests and modify services & offerings to achieve greater up-selling opportunities. Use up-to-date information to make decisions that benefit your hotel today.

Understand key influencers

Increase organic promotion of your hotel brand through awareness of the key influencers visiting your hotel. Ensure that positive word of mouth strengthens your brand.

Analyse guest trends

Make informed decisions based on customer trends and interests. Provide more relevant services and offerings and keep up with what customers want.

Offer personalised experiences

Provide unique experiences for your guests. With insight into their interests and personality, tailor your services & offerings to suit their individual needs.

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Find out what we can do for you

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Benefit from a powerful platform, available whenever & wherever you need it.

Journie Insights has been built with input from leading Hotel Sales & Marketing teams in the UK & Ireland.

We provide a secure solution that works with your busy schedule, our platform provides:


Guest insights into topics of interest, personality type, digital influence, and provide automated recommendations to suit their personal tastes.


With daily updates on inbound guests, remain aware of VIP digital promoters checking-in and receive alerts when guests promote their stay.


Quickly & easily understand your guests interests, demographics, and view developing trends. Use this information to develop future customer focused strategic decisions.


Benefit from powerful technologies, easily. We're built on advanced content analysis & machine learning technology, however our focus is on ease of use and customer value.